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Shining Lights

nightSo one night near the end of this last semester, I was taking a walk around campus. I was absorbed in deep thought—okay fine, I wasn’t. Just trying to sound philosophical here. Anyway, I happened to glance up into space and saw something quite surprising. It almost seemed as if the stars were swirling about the evening sky.

For half a second I thought I was seeing things, but after taking a quick look around at my surroundings, I was able to assure myself that I was not going crazy. Looking back up, I continued to watch these “stars” dance about the sky, and I wondered what on earth could I be observing. That’s when I heard the squawking.

They were birds. Somehow these guys were being lit up by ground lighting and appeared as little white dots fluttering about the dark sky. I know, its not exactly the easiest thing to imagine, but trust me: it was really cool to watch!

These birds got me thinking. Picture the world as the night sky. It’s dark and foreboding. Next, we’ll say that we are the birds. We flutter about, not doing much on our own. Finally, let’s introduce the light—Christ. When we live for Him, we reflect His light for the world to see, just like those birds reflected earthly lights.

Now, this probably isn’t the greatest analogy that you’ve heard, and the point of it is really simple. However, it’s still important! We need to strive to be shining lights for Christ wherever we are. This world is a dark place, and it needs people like you and me to step up and be examples of Christ’s love. So what are you waiting for? Let’s make this summer count for Christ!

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