Don’t Just Take It In; Give Back!

13076609_999501230085840_5193656114307019258_nAfter I get home from college, it is enjoyable to be back in my home church and hear my pastor preach. I love getting to see the church kids grow up and being able to see my friends and their friendly faces. It is so nice to relax and drink in the familiar sounds, smells, and sights of my church. I almost want to just sit in the pew and take in all that I can.

But what about giving back? My pastor and his wife work non-stop as I’m sure that yours do as well. The toddlers' Sunday school teacher at my church has been serving in the classroom every Sunday morning for the past 30 years. The people who clean the church have never had a week off from making sure that everything is tidy.

While it may be tempting to just sit back and enjoy yourself at church, think of all that you could do to be a blessing. It does not have to be anything large or overwhelming. Maybe just asking your pastor what you can do to help out in some area to take the burden off of him. Even if he has nothing for you to do, you could write an encouraging note to someone. You could invite the teen class out to get ice cream (believe me, they look up to you sooo much!). You could go visit an elderly person in a nursing home or at their home.

My friend and I, over the Christmas break, baked cookies for a few shut ins who have not been able to go to church in a while. We had a great time baking the cookies (which turned out terrible the first time so we had quite a laugh about that). Everyone we visited invited us in, and they were so grateful that someone had taken the time to do something nice for them. It was a blessing to them as well as us.

I encourage you to get involved in your church and help out in any way that you can. You never know how much of a blessing you can be to someone, and God will bless your efforts.

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