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The Journey to the Finish Line

MissionRun_DSC_3705The last few weeks of school are by far the most busy weeks before everyone goes home for the summer, and since this is one of the busiest times, that also means it--more often than not—is the most forgotten. With finals, commencement, and the anticipation of being finished with school and going home, let's stop to appreciate the gifts that have recently been brought to us and that will be brought to us in the few days left of the semester.

1. Presidential Prerogative. I don't know about you guys, but when Dr. Shoemaker announced that we were getting a day off a few weeks ago, I immediately texted all of my friends and said "Beach???" It was the perfect time to take a break and catch up on projects. The free donuts were also a great added bonus!

2. Championship games. Recently, collegians have been playing a lot of softball, and it is great to see College Field filled with talented athletes. I was excited to see which teams made it to the championships and took home the victory.

3. Elections. From class meetings, to collegian meetings, and student body, there are so many elections that have been happening. It is great to see everyone running and to see all their hard work they have put into campaigning!

4. Mission Run.  This year, our student body had the privilege to do our mission run and raise money for the Subic Bay children in the Philippines. It is a huge blessing to see the student body coming together to support the missions project, and we had a great time while doing so!

5. NO MORE CLASSES! Even after classes finish, there are still finals to conquer. But unlike midterms, you don't have to go to classes and then go take a test the next hour—all that extra time can be used to study for finals... or sleep.....


6. GOING HOME!!! For everyone who is either graduating, finishing their first year, or just getting one year closer to finishing, it is always a rewarding feeling knowing that you worked hard, and as a token of your hard work, you get to go home!!!

That is just a tip of the iceberg of all the things that have been happening and will be happening for the remainder of the semester. Study hard, student body, and don't forget that God will help you through anything!

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