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yearbook AlexThis year's Summit yearbook was themed with the word Commit. It is encouraging the student body not only to commit to their academic studies, but also to commit 100% to everything that they do.

I personally like yearbooks, because I like to reflect on all the good things that happened this semester—to be able to look back someday and remember the good, and the not so good. Why the not-so-good times? Because they remind me of the hard times I have overcome and the person I am today because of them. That not every trial defined who I was, but they strengthened me to what I know I can be.

Someday the yearbook may be up on a shelf or in an attic, but today, it is in many people's hands, getting filled with memories, inside jokes, and other comments that I will look through and appreciate for many years to come.

If you get a chance to sign someone's yearbook, write something that they will always remember, and something that they can apply to their lives when college is long over.

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