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My phone has been stolen!…Again

DQFW8890If you’re like me, you’re very trusting of your friends. I mean, they’re your friends so you should trust them, right?? False. No. Nein. Non.

Wait, why shouldn’t you trust your friends, you ask? Because if you walk away from your phone for 3 seconds, you might find your phone filled with dozens of selfies taken by your friends! I actually decided to count all the selfies my friends had taken when my back was turned, and it was over 500. FIVE HUNDRED. And that's just two semester's worth. That’s a lot of storage space.

Anyway, I deleted most of them (not all of them hence the ones in the collage for this post) and have decided that I will be less trusting of my friends when I leave my phone on the table. Maybe you should count all the selfies your friends have taken of themselves on your phone—it might surprise you.

DISCLAIMER: I have excellent friends even though they blow up my phone with a plethora of not-so-beautiful pictures of themselves 🙂

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