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Ministering to a Forgotten People

In 1939, World War II broke out. Three years later, 1941, the United States of America joined the war which changed the course of history forever. Flash forward to 2016. We hardly take time to look up from our phones as we go about our day. We hardly stop to think about others, let alone the American patriots of old who have sacrificed friends and family for our national freedom and the freedom of strangers around the world. These who have sacrificed, these heroes, are what I consider to be today’s forgotten people.

Of all the demographics of people in America today, the elderly are some of the most spiritually needy. Unfortunately, they are also some of the most forgotten when it comes to witnessing. I personally had never been aware of just how large of a mission field the elderly were until I got involved in a Christian Service here at PCC that ministers to them. On Friday nights I’ve had the privilege to be a part of a group that goes into an assisted living home and spends time with the people there. We talk, we sing, we share God's Word and love with them, and in return we are always blessed.

While it is always a blessing to go and visit with them, it is also a reminder of how fragile life truly is. Unfortunately, we’ve seen quite a few of the people we had been ministering to pass away. Some are uncertain of their salvation. This is why I consider them America's forgotten people. They are a mission field that is already white unto harvest. You see, with children there is so much potential, so we focus on ministering to them—and we should. We try to teach them that they are sinners and that someday they will die and need to decide where they will spend eternity, but with the elderly we do not exactly need to do that. They are often suffering from some sickness. They already know that they are close to the end, and most of them already know that they are sinners. They don’t need to be convinced; they just need to be shown the way to heaven. They need to be shown the light of Christ. Thankfully, that is exactly the heartbeat of every Christian Service at PCC; but due to the nature of it, that is especially the heartbeat of ministries to the elderly.

I was scrolling though Facebook recently, and PCC student Matt Teague had shared this:

“Praise the Lord there is never an age limit on salvation! A resident at the retirement home where we go for Christian service received Christ as her personal savior today! Please be in prayer for Dorothy as she grows closer to the Lord! I praise God for friends like Ty that have a heart for souls. Keep praying we see God continue to work at Grandview Retirement Home! It doesn't matter how old someone is, they're always a candidate for salvation!! My God is amazing!”

Whether you are a future PCC student or in your senior year of college, please consider getting involved in Christian service, and please consider especially getting involved in reaching America’s most forgotten mission field. One of the leaders at my Christian service said it this way the other week to the residents of Carpenters Creek:

“We come here every week to be a blessing to you, but in return we are always the ones who are blessed.”

No matter what you do, do something to be a blessing to others! It will open your eyes and your heart, and who knows: maybe it will change your life. I know ministering to these forgotten people certainly has changed mine.

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