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A14629_071Tailgate, s’mores, wins for the Eagles, and Christian service?!? Yeah, safe to say a recent weekend at PCC was pretty cool. PCC put together for the first time ever a tailgate with great food, an exciting atmosphere, and s’mores. Anything with s’mores (in my opinion) is pretty legit.


Eagles game

I LOVED getting to see the Eagles bring home an epic win over BJU. Also, the fans dressed up like a referee, a bacon strip, Spiderman, and a gorilla in the Screamin’ Eagles section were pretty funny to watch too.


But that’s not all I did that weekend. Most important, I got to go to Christian service and watch God work in my life and the lives of those who went as we shared Christ with people in our community. Some people assume that being a Christian isn’t fun. I would disagree, wouldn't you?

Christian service


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