6 Steps for Midterm Motivation

midtermsMidterms are right around the corner! I feel like this semester is flying by, and I feel like I haven’t learned enough for midterms to be upon us just yet. Here are a few tips for making your midterm experience more pleasant:

  1. Take a deep breath. Stressing out will not help; it will only hinder your ability to study efficiently.
  2. Make a list. Organizing will help you to feel more accomplished instead of overwhelmed.
  3. Take a break. Breaks? You may be thinking, “Really? This is not the time to relax.” Taking a 10–20 minute break between study sessions will refresh your mind.
  4. Realize that God is in control. You don't have to be worried because He will give you the strength to make it through this.
  5. Do something that makes you feel like a boss. My secret motivation is having a coffee cup in hand; it makes me feel like I can take on the world.
  6. Go to sleep early, get up early. This may be just a personal preference, but it has helped me greatly! I get up, get ready, and get to breakfast. It helps me be prepared for the day ahead.

These are in no way scientifically proven, but I am just hoping to set you up for success and help you to have a plan of action. You can do this!

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