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The Finest of Fine Arts

FASBritish men singing!!!!!

Now that I have your attention, I want to tell you about the best Fine Arts I have been to since my freshman year.

First, I want to tell you guys how incredibly incredible the King's Singers were! I was a little skeptical coming in, but boy was I amazed. They did everything a capella! A capella is a single or group of people singing, and making instrumental noises with only their mouths (no instruments!) Some a capella singers are so talented that you actually think they are instruments.

The King's Singers  blew everyone away with their talent. I personally could not focus on anything else but them. I also had an amazing time with my lovely roommates and friends. The Fine Arts performances are a highlight, but it's really the company that makes it all worthwhile!

Definitely hoping the King's Singers come back soon!!

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