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The First Week

123131_20140913043632webCongratulations! You have all successfully completed the first week of classes for the spring semester!!! The beginning of a new semester is probably my favorite for these reasons.

First of all, it's a fresh start in classes. I was taking biology this past fall semester, and it was a struggle, but this semester I can start with all new classes and boost my GPA up! New classes are also exciting because you get to meet new people,  have classes with some old friends, and experience new or old teachers.

Another thing I like about the first week of school is reconnecting with all of my roommates. Sure, we talk all day every day over break, but being able to just sit in the room and have what we call "honesty hour" makes the college experience that much better.

The last thing I really like about the first week of school is all the newness of the campus, new outings, new Fine Arts, and new opportunities.

So this semester, try getting involved in new activities, whether it be Dramatic Production, collegian sports, or just going on a student/dating outing. Make this a semester to never forget!

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