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Never Enough Notebooks

I have a thing for notebooks, the more patterns the better! I love how you can be stylishly organized. I have different notebooks for each class. Notebooks for church, notebooks for writing to-do lists, basically I have a notebook for anything you could think of. Despite having different notebooks for everything, I have some that are just consistently my favorite. These notebooks have helped keep me sane during college, especially during the hard times.

  1. Church Notes/Devotional Notebook. This one could really be two notebooks, but recently I have been combining them and am seriously loving it that way. Numerous times I have had devotions, and what is being said in church or Sunday school overlap. So now, to have them all organized in the same place really helps when I immediately want to refer back to that verse I just read in my devotions or that powerful sermon point I had just heard that highlighted the exact verse I’m learning in my devotions.
  2. Thankfulness Notebook. This was a new addition in 2015 and I can honestly say that a moment spent journaling in this was never once wasted. Check out more about this here because it changes the way you think about things, and as the saying goes, “change your thinking; change your life.”
  3. Prayer Notebook. If you are interested in seeing God work in some pretty cool ways, start keeping a prayer journal. I love being able to see the exact date and request I had asked and then being able to come back later and write down precisely how God has answered it. It has been such an encouragement to my prayer life.
  4. Calligraphy Notebook. This is the newest addition to my notebook collection, but already it has risen toward the top in importance. I have been trying to daily take a verse or a thought that is backed by scripture and write it out elegantly. This has been helping me to meditate on verses or on God's goodness, and it has really been helping me get into a more meditative mindset to me keep my focus on Him.

Hope this gives you some fresh ideas on how to strengthen your walk with God! If you have any similar ideas, comment below and share with the rest of us. We’d love to hear your ideas!

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