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First In, Last Out

123685_20150424080722webMany of you just got here to start the spring semester after a Christmas break, but you might not realize that you aren't the first ones back. Well, sure, you know that there were students that came back for interterm to work or do some classes, but there are others, of which I am one. We're the early arrival workers.

Work students like me often get an e-mail about one month into the semester to tell us to plan either to stay a little late at the end of the semester to work or to come early the next semester. So before you got here, we already were here preparing the campus and helping to staff the different work areas while we wait for new workers to be trained. I'm on the dish room staff, but there are several other departments that have some students back early to help. And many of us will still be here after you leave.

Have fun as you start the new semester, but take note of those who took some extra days out of their Christmas break to prepare the way. I recommend a note on a napkin through the dish return, but people of all departments would likely appreciate any kind of thanks. Have a great semester!

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