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The Blessing of a Cardboard Box

boxLet's just talk about this box here for a second. I'd been working on a Ad Design class project for a few weeks and had been looking for a perfect way to package it. In my mind, I played around with a few different packaging ideas, but nothing seemed to work as well as a good 'ole cardboard box.

So my roomie and I went to 3 stores in search of the perfect box, even bought one, but it was no use: they were all way too big or small. Well, that's because God had a different plan in mind for me.

You see, for the FIRST time all semester I had decided to study in my school's coffee shop after classes on Friday. I was there for an hour or so when I noticed, beside the trash can, a box with no markings on it. This box seemed to be roughly the right height and depth as what I had been looking for, but it was too long. I figured I would try it out anyway and see what happens. After a few hours, an x-acto knife, and some gorilla glue, this is the result. IT IS PERFECT!

All that time I spent worrying about my Ad Design project, and never once did I think to stop and pray about it. Still, God took care of me and used this stupid little cardboard box to show me that even in the smallest of details, He is in control, and I need only to sit back, trust Him, and plan on being amazed at what He can do.

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