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Four Cultures. One Room.

roommates2Привет. Hey Y'all. Hóla. Hello.

If you were to enter my room, these might be one of the greetings that you'd hear. My roommates and I are all from vastly different places.

Ukraine. Georgia. El Salvador. Pennsylvania.

I wasn't so sure about how it was going to work out at first, but we were all laughing together and talking together as soon as we all got settled. We are able to discuss how life is different for each of us and how our cultures are different. It’s fun to learn about the different foods that we each enjoy or the different type of humor we each have. Enjoying the diversity that God created is such a beautiful thing.

One of my favorite aspects of our diverse room is when I hear my roommates pray in Russian and Spanish. Though I cannot understand what they are saying, I know that God listens to their prayers and answers them.

I am reminded that no matter where we grew up, we can serve the same God, and we are sisters in Christ.

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