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The New Normal

suitcaseWe are almost ready to pack up and be on our way home!

I remember my first Christmas break. I was ready to go home, hug my family, check out the fridge, then go out with my friends. I was so excited to tell them all about my experiences at college, and I thought that everything would just fit back together perfectly. They would be overjoyed to have me back, and everything would be like it was before.

My family still hugged me, and there was still tasty food in the fridge. But believe it or not, my friends' lives had been able to continue without me around. Instead of them sitting in awe of my accomplishments over the past few months and hearing about my “oh so cute chapel buddy!”, they told me about what they were doing, about the new friends that they had made, and about different aspects of their lives that I was not able to fully comprehend anymore.

I began to realize that even though they still were some of my closest friends, this would be the new normal from now on. Our lives didn’t involve each other every day now. We had separate lives and were going on separate adventures, but that isn't a bad thing: we are just growing up.

When I go home this Christmas, my friends and I will go out for coffee and catch up on all the crazy things that we have done over these past few months. One of us will be able to talk about her wedding plans and another will talk about an exciting job opportunity that she was offered. Just because we are not together for a few months doesn’t mean that we can’t still be a part of each other’s lives.

This is just the new normal.

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