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The Sweater Outside Is Frightful!

CollegianWhat does a group of one hundred eight girls have in common? Three Greek letters: ΠΕΡ. Not only am I a part of this great group of girls, but I also got to be president for two semesters, and let me tell you, I LOVED it. For our last activity, my fellow officers and I planned a Christmas party for the last get-together of the semester. While we had so much fun wearing ridiculous Christmas sweaters, eating tons of Christmas puppy chow, caroling, and getting together a Christmas gift for a local women’s shelter, fellowshipping with each other was the best part about our Christmas party.

I’m so grateful for my collegian here at PCC. Not only did I gain friends, but I also gained sisters that I could pray with, have fun with, and make lasting memories with. Make the most of your time in collegian. It’s one of the best parts of PCC student life!

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