Creative Writing

Pre-registration is here, and a few friends have asked me whether Creative Writing would be a good class to take as an English elective. Perhaps you've been considering that class as well and would like to know a little more about it. I took it a year ago and found it to be one of the most fun and beneficial classes that I've ever taken.

Creative Writing is a three-credit class that focuses on developing the skills for narrative and poetic writing. Over the course of the semester, students write a short story, a personal essay, a poem, and a philosophy critique. Each of these projects builds on one another. When I took the class, I used a character from an earlier project as the protagonist of my short story and then used the skills I had learned from writing fiction to help me put some of my experiences into the personal essay. Teachers often provide many work days in class both to provide time to write and to get advice, and some assignments I completed solely on class time.

Students also write a forty-entry journal over the course of the semester, which serves as a sandbox to practice writing skills without concern for perfection. I particularly had fun writing humorous limericks and other kinds of poems. The most convenient thing about the journal is that it is a semester-long project. If your week is crammed with exams, you can ease up on journal writing in order to focus on those. As long as all forty are done by the semester's end, you can do them whenever you like.

Creative Writing was particularly beneficial to me as a professional writing major, but students of many other majors can also enjoy it. It's a class that may help you discover talents you didn't know you had while giving you a fun time discovering them.

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