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The Breakfast Gang!

I’m a total breakfast lover. Even when I feel exhausted, I drag myself to the Four Winds dining hall for eggs, sausage, muffins, grapefruits, bagels, orange juice, and coffee!

But the other thing I go to breakfast for is my breakfast gang. This breakfast gang is composed of some of my most interesting friends. We pray for our days, talk about the most random topics, study for shared classes, and LAUGH a whole lot, while eating blueberry bagels and cream cheese, of course. This time is so special to me. I enjoy the great companionship and stimulating conversations. So often, I leave breakfast feeling encouraged and ready to face a test, teaching, or busy day. Last week, I missed breakfast a couple days and sorely missed my friends.

Do you have a breakfast gang? You should get one and try coming to breakfast! If you do have one but are feeling a little tired like me, don’t quit or get lazy these last weeks of the semester! Stay strong to breakfast (it’s also the most important meal of the day) and to your breakfast gang!

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