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Monday Musing

MondayMondays often get a bad rap.

We look at them as something terrible. Something that ruins all of the weekend fun, something that brings with it all the “sadness” of the work/school week. I was thinking about this the other day and realized that Monday is not the problem, I am.

Monday did not do anything to me, yet I complain about it.

I think we as a society complain just for the sake of it. We use Mondays as an excuse. We say it’s all right because, well, “it's a Monday.” But what if we changed that mentality?

What if we, instead of complaining, took Mondays to be thankful? What if we treated Mondays like Fridays and celebrated every time Monday rolls around? What if we were on Friday and said: “I can’t wait until Monday so I can get back to work.”

Okay, maybe that’s just a little too over the top. But seriously, each and every Monday is an opportunity to spend another day with God. Often we complain about Mondays when in reality we hardly have anything to be complaining about. I know at least in my own life, I complain about Mondays when really, I am so blessed.

I get to serve God. I got to wake up this morning. I get to go to a Christian college. I am blessed beyond measure!

Take a walk outside. Eat some cookies. Read a book and enjoy this wonderful day that God has given you!

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