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Stormy Days

If you were paying attention last week, you can tell that the weather has been cloudy with a large chance of rain, humidity, and messed up hair.

Having experienced rainstorms back home, and having recently endured some here in Florida, you would think that this storm wouldn’t faze me. Wrong.

I honestly spent all of Monday complaining about the rain and about how I had to go back to my room every break I had just to re-straighten my hair (thanks, humidity). I will admit that at this moment, I hated the rain.

My raincoat was completely soaked through, my feet were freezing to the extreme (because all I own is sandals), and let's not even discuss my books. I was bitter. “God, why did You choose this week of all weeks to let it rain?” I asked Him as I furiously walked to class.

I started to apply the physical storm going on outside to the one inside my own heart. When God brings storms that just continue to pour into our lives, we tend to get frustrated and bitter about things. As that grows in our hearts, we tend to turn away from Him and try to control things on our own, which will usually end up a disaster.

I finally realized that whether it is the physical storm outside right now--or the one in my own heart--that God is 100% in control, and once the storm ends, something amazing will come out of it.

So don’t worry about the storm going on right now, because God knows exactly what He is doing. Take this time to enjoy the learning experience, and maybe go splash in some puddles!

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