‘Tis the Season

No, I’m not talking about the Christmas season (although Christmas is soon approaching). 'Tis the season for senior music recitals!

Not only are these recitals a time to appreciate gorgeous music, but they're also a time to celebrate the talents of dedicated musicians. Hours and hours of practice, hard work, and sometimes tears are invested into each recital.

As a freshman, I went to recitals to be inspired and to hear a standard of excellent music. As a sophomore and junior, I went to be motivated to continue working hard in my own private lessons. Now as a senior, I go to these recitals to rejoice for my friends who’ve grown musically, professionally, and personally. I love seeing my friends singing, playing, and conducting for the love of music and for the glory of God!

So, fellow students, what can you do? Go support these senior musicians!

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