College Life

Abide or Thrive?

You see the difference of the plant on the left vs. the one on the right? They both received the same amount of light, water, and nutrients. They were planted at the same time. I cared for them exactly the same; however, the one on the left only abided while the right plant thrived.


I'm not exactly sure—maybe simply because God wanted to teach me something. You see, I realized this is much like our time at college. We could choose to just abide here. We could complain about our roommates or the workload. We could live for the tomorrows, or the time between semesters, and ultimately for graduation day.

Or we can have our spiritual life grow like the right plant did. We can blossom where we are placed and grow beyond what was ever envisioned for our lives. We can thrive! Life is not about where you are so much as it's about who you choose to be.

Abide or thrive. Which will you choose?

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