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The Cycling Smorgasbord

One of my favorite new things this semester is the three-week menu cycle at Four Winds. Previously, Four Winds rotated the menu weekly, so that I usually chose the same thing on a Monday that I had chosen the Monday before.

While I wasn't discontent by any means (after all, seven lines are plenty of variety on their own), I am very pleased now to always be surprised when I look at the new menu screens.

Besides the element of surprise, the new menu cycle also allows for more dishes that we didn't have normally. On some Wednesdays this semester, I have gotten to enjoy a plate of fried chicken and mashed potatoes: a favorite dish of mine that was not featured in past years that I've been here.

Other new treats that I've greatly savored have been pepperoni and sausage calzones and the returning ham and turkey subs. And of course, old favorites still pop in regularly as well, such as pizza, cheeseburgers, and potato bacon soup.

Perhaps you've favored the other dining options for a while and haven't experienced the new menu at Four Winds. I encourage you to drop by and see what surprises you. Enjoy!

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