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Great Day for a 5K!

It’s Saturday morning, and your alarm starts ringing. You reach to turn it off, but then you realize--it’s race day!

After waking up a bit, you get something to eat, fill your water bottle, and head out to join the other runners. You see many other runners all decked out in their brand-new orange Eagles 5K t-shirt. The air is crisp and cool, and there doesn’t seem to be a cloud in the bright blue sky--it’s a great day for a 5k.

The race begins, and you’re off. At the beginning, all of the energy from the crowd is flooding through you, and you are prancing right through the first mile. As you hit the second mile, you begin to question your sanity in running this early in the morning. Once you make it to the third mile, the end is clearly in sight, and you have made it!

Now it’s time to take a picture with your friends to prove that you survived. Another Eagles 5k has been completed! Not only did you just get in some great cardio, you also helped support our PCC Eagles by participating in the 5K. Make sure you come out and cheer  for them at the games!

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