Dedicated to Excellence. Committed to Service.

This is the motto of all the faculty and staff here at PCC.

What a great motto that shows the heart of our faculty! I have personally experienced firsthand the dedication and service of these wonderful faculty members.

As a freshman all the way up to my junior year, I never, NEVER went to ask my teachers questions. I thought, "They're too busy to ever help me," or "My question isn't that important; I'll figure it out myself,"  or "They won't help me. They'll just say the exact same thing they said in class."

How wrong I was! As a senior, I have gone to multiple teachers, multiple times, for advice and tips. They have helped me so much with organizing an outline, writing a paper, and answering my questions.

I have found that they're even interested in my personal life, such as how my day was. What class I just came from. What my interests are. What I'm planning to do after graduation.

Through my experience this semester, I have found teachers ready and willing to help.

One of my teachers explained it this way. They are dedicated to our education. And committed to serve for the purpose of our understanding.

Thank you, faculty, for your dedication to excellence and commitment to service.

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