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Friday Night Soccer

We probably got there way too early, but my roommate and I were way too excited for the collegian soccer games last Friday evening. As the bleachers were filling up and the temperature was dropping, our excitement continued to grow. We made four separate signs for each of our friends, and with only two hands each, it was a struggle holding them all.

The unique thing about our school is that we have collegians. Collegians are different Greek-named groups that students get to join in their freshman year of college, and you can play and watch multiple collegian sports each semester. For collegians, it's volleyball and soccer in the fall and then basketball, softball, and men's football in the spring.

The first game I went to that evening was the Panthers vs. Vipers. My good friend is the goalie for the Panthers, so I was waving a sign and cheering like crazy for them (apologies to the people behind me). I was on edge the entire game from all the almost-goals each team made. The teams ended up tying, but I was still proud of them for their hard work and effort.

The next game was Raiders against Barracudas. Three of our friends were playing on the Raiders, and the moment they walked onto the field, we started shouting and cheering at the top of our lungs (again, apologies to those behind us).

The game went back and forth for the longest time, but finally the Raiders made an awesome goal! The game ended Raiders 1-0 . Our voices were shot by the end of the night, but it was perfectly worth it to see the look on our friends' faces when they saw the signs we had made.

All in all, it was an amazing night I will remember forever. And if you thought I was loud before--just wait until Turkey Bowl!

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