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I have to admit, a nursing home is not one of my favorite places on earth. It's not that I don't have a heart for the people who live there; it's just that the place is a little outside of my comfort zone.

Yet despite my reservations, a nursing home is where I found myself last Sunday afternoon along with thirty or so other PCC students. Although we mostly sang songs for the residents of the home, we also had the opportunity to talk and pray with several of them.

Many of the elderly men and women there are rarely visited and are consequently very lonely. We were constantly told that we were the bright point of their week.

One woman in particular that we ministered to has many medical conditions and also has a lot of pain that she constantly endures. However, praises to God are still always on her lips. Seeing her cheerful attitude in spite of her suffering was an encouragement to me.

Although I was not exactly in my comfort zone while at the nursing home, I am very glad that I visited there on Sunday.

Maybe you have been recently thinking about getting involved in some ministry—perhaps one of the Christian Services, a summer camp, or even a missions trip—but you feel like it's out of your comfort zone, and you are now hesitating about getting involved.

I encourage you to lay aside your fears and hesitancies, and go out on that Christian Service, or sign up for that summer camp or missions trip. It might make you uneasy at first, but you will find that the blessings you receive definitely outweigh the original discomfort.

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