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Fly, Eagles, Fly!

In the most recent Student Body meeting, President Shoemaker announced that PCC will field an Eagles soccer team next fall. While I'm no soccer player, I know how popular the sport is among many of the students here. The Turkey Bowl is the biggest sporting event of the year for us, and every collegian has players who set the Turkey Bowl as one of their primary goals. Once Eagles soccer arrives, many of those players will have an even greater goal to represent God and all of PCC proudly.

Although soccer won't begin until next year, the Eagles are already gearing up to play in other sports. The Eagles basketball team will play their first regular season game November 3, and their first home game will be November 12. The Lady Eagles basketball team will also start in November, with their first game on November 6 and their first home game on November 10. Lady Eagles volleyball has already begun, and they hold a 4-1 record as of October 14.

Perhaps you're a high school student looking at PCC and are interested in joining one of the Eagles or Lady Eagles teams in the future? You can find more information by filling out the form here.

Whether you're a player or a fan, do what you can to come out and protect the nest!

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