Chai Tea and Friendship
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Chai Tea and Friendship

Whether you like the taste of chai tea or not, there’s nothing quite like the rich smell of spice and vanilla to bring energy to your day!

But chai tea can never boost my energy like a friend can! A simple smile, hug, high five, or greeting from a dear friend can just ignite my day in such a special way.

One of the biggest fears I had before coming to PCC was that I wouldn’t make any friends. I actually thought this: “How can I make friends with random people on a campus almost 2,000 miles away from home?!?!? What if I am too different from everyone there?? I am going to be a loner for my WHOLE college career!”

You might think I was silly and fretful to think that, but it was a valid fear for me.

But God, like He always does, works out all of our fears when we trust Him. Well, within the first two weeks of school my freshman year, I had met some of the coolest people that are still some of my closest friends.

So why include friendship and chai tea in the same phrase?

Friends are like chai tea: Warm, Rich, and Full of flavor! They refresh me and leave a distinctly amazing aftertaste in my life!

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