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The Five-Question Welcome

We have made it to our second week of classes, and you probably have come across a phenomenon. I like to call it “the five-question welcome.”

The five-question welcome is a set of questions that you will be asked and that you will find yourself asking in the coming years. This phenomenon is especially prevalent at the beginning of the year.

For you as new students, this is a great way to learn more about a person. You may find that these five questions can be icebreakers to lasting friendships, as well as passing pleasantries.

So what are the five questions?

1.)  What’s your name?

This question will be asked to you by everyone here. Even if you've already told them the day before. Be ready to say your name more times than you ever have. Also, be a little forgiving if someone forgets. It can be difficult to remember so many new names and faces at first.  One way in remembering someone's name is by repeating his name after he has said it and using his name in the conversation.

2.)  Where are you from?

For some, this may be tricky. You may have lived everywhere besides Timbuktu. Go ahead and tell them. This can be a great conversation starter. You may get follow up questions such as:

"Oh, you’re from Pennsylvania! How far away are you from DC?"


"Do you like it up there?"

Answer these questions and ask some questions yourself. You may find that they love the same football team, or live ten minutes away from your county, or have heard about your church.

3.)  What's your major?

If you're one of those people that has your life all planned out, GREAT. Proclaim your major. It should be a badge you proudly wear. You are where God wants you, doing something that God has called you to do.

If you're unsure, that's fine! We upperclassmen understand. I personally had no idea what I wanted to major in for a while. If you are seeking God, He will lead you to the major He has planned for you.

4.)  What are you planning to do with that major?

This may seem like a harsh question, but it really isn’t. They just want to know what your dreams or aspirations are and how you'll accomplish those with the major that you've chosen. Go ahead and tell them, and don't forget to ask them this question as well.

5.)  What year are you?

This question stumped me for a while. I was so used to saying "I'm in tenth grade" or "I'm in twelfth." Typically there are four years: freshman, sophomore, junior, and senior. You may run into exceptions. For instance, a second-semester freshman, or a third-semester sophomore. These exceptions are likely to have interesting stories with them, and usually, they're willing to share.

These are only five of the many questions that can be asked when getting to know someone. Have you come across the five-question welcome? If so, what are some other questions that you have asked or have been asked?  Comment down below and let us know!

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