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Unexpected Blessing

After an afternoon of studying at a local coffee shop, my study buddy Katie and I were walking back to campus when we were blessed in the most unusual way. It was nearly 90 degrees outsides. It was humid, and maybe not the brightest idea for us to have walked off instead of taking the PCC shuttle bus, but there we were making our way back to school.

Finally, I was so hot and thirsty and tired that I said in exasperation, “Someone, please give us a ride!” I wasn’t saying it to anybody really, though. With the exception of Katie, nobody could hear me—well, at least, nobody but Katie and God.

That was enough, though. At the moment those words left my lips, a PCC student's car stopped in the long line of traffic beside us, and they rolled their window down to offer us a ride. The simple desire of my heart, which no one with the ability to help us could hear, was heard by God. Thankful to see a familiar face, we hopped into the cool air-conditioned car and were back to campus within minutes! It was such a little thing.

We could have kept walking and been back to campus in a little over ten minutes, but that wasn’t God's plan for us that day. He heard the small desire of our hearts to get a ride on that hot day, and He provided. What an awesome God we serve.

p.s. To the girls who gave us a ride—THANK YOU!

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