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Life is Hard

I am a planner. I’ve denied the label for many years, but I am finally admitting it. Nothing makes me happier than deciding exactly when, how, and where I’m going to do something. So, as you can imagine, planning my class schedule makes me very happy. Before each semester, I tweak my schedule and classes until I have it exactly how I want it. I graduate this December, and I have been planning the perfect last semester of classes since my freshman year. I handpicked special classes that I was particularly looking forward to and saved them for my last semester. I had planned the perfect semester.

God has His own plans sometimes, though.

After being on campus for our Lady Eagles volleyball preseason for two weeks, an old injury flared up in my ankle, resulting in an emergency surgery on the Monday before classes started. I spent the next three days in the hospital. I certainly had not written in missing my “last first day of class” into my perfect schedule.

The surgery went well, though, and now I am back on campus, albeit getting around slightly more slowly than before. Everyone has been more than helpful, and I am happy to have my semester underway.

Even though this is not how I would have planned the beginning of my semester, I know God has a better plan than anything I can think up. This past Sunday night in the Campus Church service, Pastor McBride made a statement that sums everything up quite appropriately: “Life is hard, but God is always good.”

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