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Carrie’s Guide to Preparing for PCC, Part 2

In the last post I wrote, I told you about some things you could do to prepare for coming to college. This time, I’m going to tell you some of the absolute essentials I have to have for college life. Well, maybe not absolute essentials, but they do make my life significantly better.

1.) Trash cans.

Okay, it that sounds kinda weird, but let me explain. My freshman year, my roommates and I were very frugal. We decided to use only one trash can for the room so that we could save ourselves the money of buying any more. We kept our one trash can in our bathroom, and every time we were sitting at our desk or in our beds, we had to get up and walk all the way to the bathroom to throw our trash away.

It doesn’t sound like a big deal, but let me tell you, that walk got old after a while. Then one day, I was at the store, and for some reason, I ended up in the trash can aisle. It was then that I found out trash cans cost only three dollars . . . THREE.  One of the best-spent three dollars I’ve ever had.

2.) A bed lamp.

Turns out, when your roommates are taking naps (which happens a lot in my room), they don’t really like the overhead light to be on. Which is understandable, because it’s rather bright. Plus, lamps create a much more relaxing atmosphere.

3.) A foam mattress topper.

Just a cheap foam mattress topper goes a long way to making your bed significantly more comfortable.

4.) Sunscreen.

If you plan on going to the beach at all, you’re probably going to want some sunscreen. However, after three years of being here in Pensacola, I’ve just recently realized that sunscreen is much cheaper to buy in West Virginia than it is here in the gas station on the way to the beach . . . odd how that works.

5.) A hotpot.

Being able to cook food in your room is amazing. I don’t do anything too fancy with mine, mostly cooking noodles and rice. This past summer, I actually tried making rice without my hotpot, and I couldn’t do it!

As I said, none of these items are absolutely necessary, but they have made my life better. Every person finds his own "absolute essentials," so let us know if you have anything to add to the list!

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