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Carrie’s Guide to Preparing for PCC, Part 1

Fall semester is just around the corner, and I know that you’re dying to know how you can prepare to come to PCC for the first time. Well, the good news is I’ve got you covered! This is the first in a series of blogs imparting all of the things I wish I had known before coming to college.

So first of all, let me tell you about some things you can do to get ready for residence hall life.

1.) Practice doing laundry.

My roommate (whom I’ve roomed with for the past few years) would laugh at me for saying this because doing laundry is not one of my talents. However, I have the basics down. I just don’t quite find the time to do it as much as I’d like.

So, if you think you’re going to be like I am and struggle with keeping up with your laundry, make sure you buy a big hamper! (The pop-up hampers are the best because they're easier to store at the end of the semester.)

2.) Learn how to clean the bathroom!

Learn to clean it really well, because there’s nothing worse than having a dirty bathroom. Maybe you can cause your mom to have a mild heart attack and offer to clean it for her just to get some extra practice before you leave. Plus, there’s no such thing as a bad roommate who can clean the bathroom!

3.) Get ready to be involved.

There are so many opportunities here at PCC to get involved, regardless of what your interests are. I always got excited about all of the different sports opportunities. People are always ready to get a game of something going on, whether it's ultimate frisbee, soccer, or ping-pong.

If sports aren't your favorite, then you can get involved with whatever you're interested in, whether it's drama, music, or even community outreach programs. All of these opportunities are great ways to meet new people and develop new skills.

4.) Build your relationship with God.

I put this last because I wanted to leave you with the most important.

Coming to college is a difficult thing to do sometimes, but having a right relationship with God makes the transition so much smoother. Make a habit of setting aside time each day to focus your attention on Him, and it will be something you are infinitely grateful for once you get into the busy schedule of the semester.

Trust Him with all of your questions about what the future holds, do your best to prepare, and He will direct your path!

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