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A Singer Like No Other

Pensacola Christian College has recently been blessed with the music and preaching ministry of Evangelist Ben Everson.

The one-man a cappella singer provided singing specials, unique chapel messages (with one being available for sale on DVD!), and even an evening concert! And at the Wednesday evening service, he surprised us one last time with leading the congregational hymns.

But he provided more than just speaking, singing, and songleading. For many of us, he left us with the biggest thoughts about the influence of music. With humor and musical talent, he presented a colorful study on the emotional effects it brings.  As a musician myself, I was so thankful for his insight through his own experiences and performances.  He made me appreciate music even more, whether I'm singing in Rejoice Choir or playing violin for my Jaffé Strings class and the Stringspiration service.

Although his visit lasted for only a few days, his wit, talent, and insight left the biggest impression on the student body; and I am thankful that Pensacola Christian College hosted this amazing singing preacher.

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