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Break a Leg

"Break a leg!"

What a terrible phrase, so I've come to discover. No, I didn't break a leg exactly, but I did manage to fracture my tibia, tear a couple ligaments, and put a hole in some cartilage in my ankle while playing volleyball the other week. I had surgery on it here in the Pensacola area, and now I am on my road to recovery!

I've never had any major injuries while at school before, so everything has been a new experience. After my surgery, I missed a full week of classes. This could've caused major disruption of my academics, but as soon as I let my teachers know what had happened, everyone went out of their way to make sure I was able to catch up on everything that I missed.

But my teachers haven't been the only ones to help me out. My friends and even strangers around campus have shown extraordinary amounts of thoughtfulness since I got hurt. From holding doors open, to carrying things, to just coming to visit me, everyone has helped me in any way they could.

Throughout all of this, I have been amazed at the kindness of the people around me. It's not exactly the way that I would have chosen to end the semester, but I've seen God's love shown through so many people that I wouldn't have otherwise, and that's been a huge blessing.

I just have one thing to say: think twice before the next time you say, "Break a leg!"

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