11 Faces on Campus that Gave

Here are 11 faces that gave a smile on campus today!

You know, we all have something to give when we walk out our door in the morning.

I recently had a friend challenge me to go through the Scriptures and find where Jesus “held back” on people.

I looked and couldn’t find anything.

I did find that Jesus rested—but I couldn’t find a passage where He had opportunity to love people and He held back. I read that He emptied Himself, that He gave up His reputation (Philippians 2).

It’s a busy time of the semester, though, and we get tired. And being tired is the first step to thinking my life is about me. It’s easier to get discouraged, and surprised at life somehow, that it fell short of my expectations.

That’s me looking to get from life.

But what if we gave—what if we poured ourselves out? If we’re really looking to follow Christ’s example, that’s what He did.

He loved on His tired days, His busy days, His hurting days. Jesus went through a rollercoaster of events in His short ministry, but a rough day didn’t mean people stopped needing to see His love.

And so it isn’t easy, but it is possible to follow Christ’s example of love. In your life, look for opportunities to give instead of get, and you’ll find God’s grace meets you and covers the difference.

Thanks to these faces that gave a smile! What are you giving today?

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