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The Month Love Hit Campus

"God's Love Is..."

If you've been on campus at PCC, you know exactly what that means. If not, here's the deal:

Dr. Shoemaker challenged our entire student body to creatively demonstrate what God's love is to THEM personally over the month of February.

It was called the "God's Love Is" contest, and the winners would be treated to a dinner with President Shoemaker and his wife at a Brazilian all-you-can-eat meat restaurant.

So for a month, we saw creativity flow across this campus like never before. Musical compositions, art pieces, object lessons, testimonies, photography, and so much more! We saw friends, collegian members, prayer groups, floors, and classes working together and coming up with some awesome stuff.

For a month, we saw personal testimonies of God's love demonstrated across campus over and over; I've been reminded of so many aspects of His love! Here are a few of the winning pieces that we saw in chapel.

By Stephen Keeling

By Hailey Song

The letters were from a nursing class to an unsaved lady dying of cancer. God prodded Hailey's heart to organize her class to write to this lady. They are hopeful that God used their love and witness in her life before she died.

By Elyssa Houk

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