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"Just One Last Peanut"

About once every two weeks, one of my roommates or I buy a bag of salted peanuts, always with the intent that they last for at least a week or longer. We have learned to keep it hidden away in order to preserve it, but long before the week ends, we will find ourselves with an empty peanut bag and a small patch of peanut shells to clean up. One of my roommates has particular trouble turning down an opportunity for a peanut--he has had so many "just one last peanuts" that the only way for him to stop is to actually eat the last peanut in the bag.

While peanuts are the favorite snack of my room, other rooms crave a variety of treats. Some of the most popular foods are Ramen noodles, Oreo cookies, and microwave popcorn. Some rooms save their snack money to buy a pizza after a White Glove check, and some satisfy their snacking tastes with care packages sent from home. As for me and my room, we'll probably stick to peanuts--once we get a new bag, that is.

What snacks are popular in your room?

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