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If You Like Building Stuff

If you like building stuff, meet Olivia!

Olivia is headed to Roatan in the Western Caribbean this summer as a member of a Youth Outreach Ministry mission team.

When I asked Olivia what they'd be doing in Roatan, she said they'd be working in the school but also helping out with a lot of manual labor and building projects.

I was impressed. And you should see me when I get impressed--I get really quiet and serious and I kind of frown. Actually, I glare. "Wow, I didn't know you were into building."

"Oh, I'm not." Oh, ok.

See, Olivia's actually an early childhood education major and a Bible minor--she's never taken a single building class. On a side note, she has built a bird house. At VBS when she was a kid--she told me so herself.

She really loves working with kids though, so she made summer plans for camp ministry. But a friend talked to her about signing up for a summer mission opportunity, and she found herself in an interview to go to Roatan.

"It's so weird. I've never gone on a mission trip before, and I honestly felt like I didn't have any skills to offer in Roatan."

Well, she'd headed there now and already raised more than what she needs for the trip! And I was reminded that God isn't just looking for construction workers to go to Roatan--He's all about willing and surrendered hearts, no matter where He's called you.

If you like building stuff--even if you've never built a bird house--think about Roatan, or some of the other summer mission opportunities available to PCC students!

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