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Cooks on Campus

Food is a staple to college life.  Some of us attend certain social events just to get the great food.  Greek Rush goodies at every collegian table, doughnuts and sweets at the Turkey Bowl, fancy dinners at the formal banquets, themed menus at the Bible Conference picnic, and even the oddly traditional White Glove pizza--all involve food outside the Palms Grille, Common Grounds Cafe, Varsity, and Four Winds.

And when there isn't an event to get great food, we take it in our hands to make good food. PCC offers cooking classes and allows those students to use the Culinary Arts Lab to practice the craft of cooking.  And those who are not in the cooking classes don't need to worry about missing out on "homemade" meals.  Some of us, myself included, have our own small portable electronic cooking devices like hot pots, coffee makers, and rice/pasta cookers to create delicious food in our rooms.  With the right ingredients and a culinary imagination, we can make just about anything to satisfy our stomachs and make us feel at home.  When I feel like treating myself to a nice meal on a weekend or free day, I make myself a delicious bowl of rice in soup or sauce or even makeshift spaghetti in tomato and basil soup.

We may not be professional cooks, but we can certainly exercise the craft in the classroom or the residence hall room to make our stomachs and ourselves happy.

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