Halfway Home

I've always preferred the spring semester to fall. Perhaps that may be a little presumptuous, considering that I've had only one other spring semester, but I doubt that I'll change my mind. One reason for that is that the spring semester is somewhat like two smaller ones. Unlike the fall semester, when midterms immediately give way to more classes, the spring semester features a short respite for students during the Pensacola Christian College's annual Bible Conference.

After escaping a week of both exams and lectures, the break from schoolwork is a blessing to our addled noggins. Many students need rest mentally, physically, and spiritually following midterms, and the preaching at the conference also provides much-needed encouragement and spiritual restoration for the latter half of the semester. Some students take advantage of the time off to get a head start on later projects, others enjoy free time with friends, and some others spend quality time asleep in their residence halls. After Bible Conference, students’ minds and spirits are both prepared for the latter half of the journey.

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