When You Don’t Succeed

Three days after I arrived on the campus of PCC for my very first semester, I donned my trusty maroon volleyball shoes, grabbed my smelly kneepads, and nervously made my way to the Arlin R. Horton Sports Center. Many other freshman girls and I had been eagerly anticipating this day: Lady Eagles volleyball tryouts.

Designed specifically for incoming freshmen and transfer students, fall tryouts are held for one day at the beginning of the semester. With about fifty other girls trying out, I had no idea how I would fare. Throughout the day, several cuts were made until the newest members of the Lady Eagles volleyball team emerged.

Unfortunately, I did not make it. Although disappointed, I marked it down as a good experience and went on to join my collegian volleyball team. Who knew collegian sports could be so much fun! My team that year was a fantastic group of girls, and I made several great friends. And we were not even too shabby at volleyball if I say so myself!

Spring semester came, and I began to hear talk of spring volleyball tryouts for the Lady Eagles. When I thought about it, my heart started to beat more quickly, and my mind immediately began to think of trying out once more. However, I squelched these thoughts, telling myself if I didn’t make the team once that I surely was not going to make it on the second try.

But one of my friends didn't agree and convinced me to give it another shot. After a week of nerve-wracking tryouts, Coach Grant posted the final roster. There, at the bottom of the list, was my name!

As I’m looking forward to my senior year on the volleyball team, I can honestly say that I am so thankful for the outcome of both tryouts. God knew exactly what I needed at different times in my life. Spring tryouts for the Lady Eagles are coming up, taking place from March 30–April 3. If you've been thinking about trying out, be sure to mark your calendar and come on out!

We’ve heard it so many times: if at first you don’t succeed…try, try again! Whether it’s trying out for your collegian soccer team, a Fine Arts production, or for the Lady Eagles, don't give up!

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