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From Camper to College Student

Several years ago, I was just one of the thousands of high school students who came for one of the Youth Outreach Ministry's summer camps, held on PCC's campus. The summer before 10th grade, I attended the Drama Camp and got to participate in the big music and drama gala at the end of the week.  Although Drama Camp was fun and exciting, history was still my biggest interest, and the following two years, I attended the History and Political Science Camp.

Now before you start thinking that's boring and just a week of dry classroom lectures, I'll tell you this: History and Political Science Camp was anything but boring!

Throughout the week, the history faculty gave lectures, showed documentaries, and even played trivia games to keep our brains sharp for a big competition at the end. Lectures provided interaction and opportunities to hear the campers' stories, and I made so many friends and discussed the exciting topics even during our free times and in the residence hall rooms. But I especially loved the faculty for their love of history and their desire to share the exciting angles of different time periods and even political issues.

The three years I attended the summer academic camps helped me choose this place as my college. I still connect with many of my camp friends (some of them are even here, too!), and many of the history teachers remember me very well from my camp years. The love and dedication were all genuine,  and I couldn't ask for a better week.

Academic camps are more than just summer classroom lectures; they're the greatest opportunity to see the college, make friends, and get to know the devoted teachers.

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