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How to Survive a Northwest Florida Winter

In case you were wondering, winters in Florida, especially here in the northwest part of the state, are not always sunny and over 70 degrees like Orlando or Miami. Our winters here can be chilly, but at least we don't have snow and subzero temperatures.

After hearing students talk about how unprepared they were for the not-so-perfect winters, I compiled the best list to help you survive:

1. Wear sweaters.

Sweaters are your best friends through the November-March months down here. You'll need your closet full of pullover sweater tops, sweater cardigans, and anything else sweater-y to keep you warm(er).

2. Bundle up.

Yes, get the thick coats, scarves, hats, gloves, and boots.  Some of us may not need all the accessories, but most of us would rather wear some kind of coat, even if it's just a sweater. On good, mild days, a thin coat will suffice, but on the really bad days, you may need your entire bundling kit. Either way, winter weather gear is serious business.

3. Carry an umbrella.

In lieu of snow (unless you're talking about the epic ice storm of last year), we get rain. Lots of it. I'm pretty sure it's preparation for the endless weeks of heavy rain in the spring, but hey. Heavy rain is better than heavy snow, right? As fellow blogger Anna Grace stated in her umbrella post, an umbrella is your best friend in all seasons.

4. Look on the bright side.

We're not getting several feet of snow. We do have our warm days when we can get the short sleeves and sandals back out. I'll take a heavy rain over being snowed in any day, and I know that the winter weather won't last forever (we're inching closer to spring, don't worry!). I'll take just a few more weeks of staggering and shivering around campus because before I know it, spring's warmth will be here to stay.

Any other Northwest Florida winter survival tips? Post below in the comments!

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