The Fourth Floor

Some days, homesickness creeps into all of our lives. Nothing is wrong, but you just feel the overwhelming urge to walk up the steps to your back porch, swing open the door, and step into a warm kitchen that smells like homemade food and YOUR house. When I daydream about this particular scenario, I always see the familiar faces of my loved ones, and of course my cat.

Well, I’ve found my own piece of home on campus, even though I don’t get to walk into my house and see my cat. My little piece of home at PCC is found on fourth floor of the MacKenzie Building.

Now that might seem a little odd, but let me explain. You see, most of the history classes are held on the fourth floor of MacKenzie. Being a history major, I’ve spent my fair share of time there.

Instead of walking up the stairs to my back porch, I make my way up the stairway to the fourth floor MacKenzie. When I swing open the door from the stairway, I don’t smell homemade food, but I do catch a whiff of the distinctive smell of the fourth floor. I tell myself it smells like maps and old books, but that’s probably just my imagination. Although I don’t see my mom or cat when I walk around the fourth floor, I do see the familiar faces that I’ve come to expect: my friends making their way to their classrooms, my instructors headed to their offices, and of course, the fourth floor secretary keeping a watchful eye over her realm. I now consider all of these things to be part of my “home-away-from-home.”

Even though I’m 750 miles away from my back porch and my cat, I know that I’m never far away from home, and that is a great feeling.

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