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Building a Better Butter Burger

There are few meals I favor so much as that of lunch on Fridays at the Four Winds dining hall. Normally, my tastes draw me to the Varsity dining hall instead, where fifteen different varieties of cereal remain on stand-by during all three meals. It is on Fridays, however, that Four Winds provides the ingredients necessary to make my favorite kind of burger.

The process begins in line 7, the ever-faithful burger line. From there, I collect the beginnings of a burger--the bun and cheese--but I leave the meat behind, instead proceeding to line 2. Line 2 varies between several gluten-free meals, but what draws me to it on Fridays is a meal of beef and potatoes, with grilled onions and mushrooms as toppings. For my burger, I only need the beef and onions, but it is not yet finished until I visit a line with the most important ingredient--butter. Ordinarily, the time taken to assemble this scrumptious grilled onion butter burger would allow the burger to cool, but the Four Winds microwaves remedy that problem. With napkins handy, I can finally enjoy one of my favorite meals of the week.

After growing familiar with the many options at the dining halls, students quickly settle on their favorite meals, like my grilled onion butter burger. Some enjoy creating unique fusions of cuisine, while others enjoy sticking with just one line. (One blogger, Anna Grace, even took a poll of PCC students' habits.) We all find our own ways to enjoy our meals. If you have a favorite meal that crosses between lines, go ahead and mention it in the comments. Perhaps other students would like to try out your suggestion.

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