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My Valentine's Rant

It's February!

February makes me think of Valentine's Day, and Valentine's Day makes me think of "Romantic," and "Romantic" makes me think of tea, and tea makes me think of British people.

Do you know what I just realized about British people the other day? They're so positive!

We have family friends from England, and they're always saying stuff like "lovely" and "quite right" and "smashing," and just when there's some dead space in a conversation where the average person would bring up their bad day, our British friends are standing there talking about something lovely and smashing.

Which is what made me think twice when I heard someone on a Valentine's Day rant the other day. You know those Valentine's Day rants--everyone has them; whether they're ranting about the date-they-wish-they-had or the date-they-wish-they-didn't-have or the date-they-have-to-have or how food-is-better-than-dates-anyways. Valentine's Day can turn into a ranting sort of holiday (usually via Facebook statuses and Instagram selfies).

So let's break the norm! I don't know what's going on with Valentine's Day in the rest of the world, but Valentine's Day here on campus has some pretty exciting stuff going on!

  • The Georgia Guitar Quartet is traveling in for an evening of music in our Fine Arts Series.
  • The college is putting on a fancy formal Valentine's banquet for seniors!
  • A wedding seminar is being held on campus for couples or anyone interested in hearing some encouragement from first-hand experience and getting some tips for their future.
  • Chocolate and balloons are ev.ery.where! It's fabulous.

*please note, this is the best one:

  • I have a friend who goes around on Valentine's Day handing out candy to random people all over campus--just because some people reach a point of coolness in life where they give more than they get, I guess. SO cool.

How are YOU celebrating Valentine's Day this February? Here at PCC, we are in for a "smashing" time!

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