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It Doesn't Have to Be Perfect

Every Sunday during the semester, a group of girls meets in the lobby of Dixon Tower at 1:00. We mingle with each other, joking and laughing, until someone gathers us together for prayer. We're getting ready to head to two different hospice locations to visit with the patients as one of PCC's student-led Christian Service groups. As we gather, our leader prays for our trip that day. She prays that we can be a light in our community and a blessing to those we meet.

At the hospice location, we visit the patients and their families. We sing songs, pray with the families, and sometimes just visit with them for a while. There's only about twelve of us in a group, and for the most part, we aren't the most musically talented bunch on campus. But even though we never practice together, don't have any accompaniment, and sometimes forget the exact words, the music I hear around the bedsides of those patients is some of the most beautiful music I've ever heard. As I look around to the girls that surround me, I see women whose love for the Lord and those patients is clearly evident. They aren't perfect, but they hurt with the hurting families, and they try their best to provide whatever comfort they can.

Each Sunday that I go on this outreach, I realize more and more that although we're striving to be a blessing to others, I often end up receiving the biggest blessing! Seeing God work through the simple act of singing a few hymns to a few families reminds me that sometimes He uses the small things in life to make a difference. And the best part is-- it doesn't even have to be perfect!

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