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Picture Yourself at PCC!

Welcome back on campus, all!

While everyone else was getting ready for school to start up again, I took a walk and snapped some shots of students heading into a new semester with style.

Oops—their faces got cut out. But hey, some websites do that on purpose!

Ever gone on those random, free websites where you can upload a picture of your face into faceless images? I always had a ton of computer system trouble after spending too much time on websites like that. But anyways, while viruses and malware were probably feeding on my hard drive, I got to see what I'd look like riding a stallion in the Wild West or posing in front of Mount Rushmore, or on a date with someone famous.

So take another look at these photos! Where are you today, and where do you see yourself headed? Picture you at PCC—like the students in some of these photos—gearing up for the opportunities that come with being on campus here (and all this without a single viral problem in your computer systems!)

Whether you're already attending PCC, or just prayerfully considering it, I hope this gives you a glimpse of the buzz across campus as we all prepare for our spring 2015. Here's to a fantastic semester!

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